Danny Moore

Worship Arts Director
Daniel Moore accepted the call to serve New Life Lutheran in April of 2013. He and his wife Becky have been actively leading the Modern Worship services since then along with many talented and passionate volunteers.
Daniel grew up in church camp ministry in north Idaho and found his faith early on by singing songs and telling the stories of God around the campfire.  Always active in youth groups and youth ministries, he knew his calling was to serve God through music.  “Music speaks a language words alone can not fulfill,” is his mantra of why we worship with song.  “Every week we want to pick the right song that gets stuck in your head and reminds you just how much God loves you.”
Today Daniel leads music and volunteer musicians for both our Modern and Traditional worship services.  He also works to maintain the building and grounds with the help of volunteers throughout the week.
Daniel and Becky married in September of 2014.  They have one son, Anchor Alexander.  They love campfires, hiking, music and baseball.