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Marriage is one of the most precious gifts God gives us – but it is not always simple and it's not always easy.

We’re here to help you strengthen your marriage. A couple times a year, we create fun events that help you develop strong communication, healthy relationship habits, and a marriage full of life!

Will you join us for one of our upcoming events?

Jesus wants to help you build a stronger marriage
Jesus wants to help you build a stronger marriage

At New Life, we’re nuts about marriage, and we believe that Jesus wants to strengthen every marriage in the Sauk Valley.

You deserve to have fun events where you can enjoy time with your spouse and hang out with other couples. (And did we mention we take care of childcare?)

Your marriage doesn’t need to be put last in the list of priorities, and we’re here to help.


Our Focus

Every time we gather, we focus on four specific targets:

Have Serious Fun

The best way to protect your marriage is to enjoy it.

Respect & Love

Our spouse doesn’t bring out the worst in us – they reveal the growth edge in us.

Love God First

Loving God in your individual life impacts your married life.

Practice Your Promise

Marriage is not about the big day, but the every day.

How to Strengthen Your Marriage

One Night Events

Our One Night Events are held throughout the year at New Life. The MarriedPeople team plans a fun night out for you and your spouse, where you’ll spend a few hours meeting and mingling with other couples, playing games, eating snacks, and having FUN together. Each One Night Event features a short time of teaching, centered on a popular point of struggle that many married couples experience. You’ll hear bold Scripture-based teaching, stories from real couples who’ve worked through the struggle, and practical application action items to eliminate bad habits in your marriage. Oh, and did we mention we offer childcare?

Off-Site Date Nights

Why is it so hard to plan and execute Date Nights? For many married couples, it’s a lot of work. Planning an evening out, finding a babysitter, finding time in a busy schedule…it’s exhausting, and expensive. We believe that regular Date Nights are SO important, and we’re doing all the work to plan them so you don’t have to! On our scheduled Date Nights, you’ll arrive to New Life and pick up your Date Night packet. If you have kids, drop them off at our free childcare. Then, embark on your date! Your packet will contain instructions for where to go, what to do, and what to talk about. Each Date Night is themed, and takes you on a fun mini-adventure with your spouse. No planning required!

MarriedPeople Monthly

On top of the in-person events we plan, the MarriedPeople team also sends out our MarriedPeople Monthly email. It’s a fun, easy read, jam-packed with practical things YOU can do to improve your marriage. Features like blog posts, podcasts, videos, and conversation prompts make it easy to keep your marriage at the forefront of your mind. Whether you’re struggling, or it’s smooth sailing, there’s something for you.

Get involved

If you have any questions or want more information, contact our Discipleship Pastor, Erik Anderson.

Erik Anderson

Discipleship Pastor