Join our 21 Days of Prayer!

September 18 - October 1

Hello there!

We’re excited to start another practice together as a whole church: prayer. Sign up with the link below, and you’ll receive daily text messages starting on Sept. 18th. If you’d prefer to go through the practice with a booklet instead, just email us at

Click here to sign up to receive daily texts for the 21 Days of Prayer

I’m so glad you’ve decided to join us on this journey of growing in the habit of prayer. During these days, start each day with a verse of Scripture and a prayer. When you decide to set aside time to pray, do these four steps:

1) Pause. Turn off distractions, notifications, and find a quiet spot to focus for the next few minutes.

2) Listen. Read the Scripture, use the provided prayer, or make up your own, but use this time to hear from God. What is standing out to you? What is God saying to you?

3) Obey. Based on your prayer time, what is God inviting you to do? How can you obey? Come up with something specific (small and simple is great)

4) Share. Who does God want you to share this with? Share with them what stood out to you from today, or share with them whatever God put on your heart.

This season of growing in our habit of prayer will absolutely help you feel closer to God, and I’m so excited to hear some of the stories that you get to share based on your experience!

Praying with you,

Pastor Drew Williams