Saturday Casual Worship:

Our Saturday Service is a great option for those who want casual evening worship or those who just cannot make a Sunday morning service. This service has the core elements of a Lutheran service with the music being led by guitar and a vocalist, as we join together in song with familiar hymns and a mix of familiar modern worship songs that you have heard on your local Christian music radio station.

Sunday Traditional Worship: 8:30a

Our Traditional Service is connected to the rich liturgical traditions of the Lutheran faith. If you grew up with or are accustomed to using the Lutheran Book of Worship, this service will work well for you. The musical elements are led from a Clavinova with a classical organ sound. Also during the school year, you will frequently experience our Chancel Choir and Bell Choir during worship.

Sunday Modern Worship:

Grab a specialty drink from our coffee shop and make your way into our Sanctuary to join our Worship Band as we praise God with music that you have heard on WCIC or K-Love on the way to church mixed with classic worship songs that have stood the test of time. Our Modern Service maintains the core characteristics of a Lutheran worship service while reinvigorating them to fit a modern setting.

Online Worship:
10:45a (live)

Are you traveling, working on the weekends, or feeling under the weather? Our online worship service is for you. It allows you to connect with New Life, even when your life gets in the way. Join us during our Live Stream or catch up on archived worship services when you get a chance.

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