Journey Classes

Journey Classes are specific classes tailored for anyone who calls New Life home or is considering calling New Life home. They are offered in the fall and in the beginning of the new year for New Life members, regular attenders, and guests. In these classes, we will help you to move forward in your Spiritual Journey as you discover what it means to be a member, disciple, and ambassador for Christ. Ultimately, our desire is that at the end of the Journey Classes that you connect with one of our Life Groups to continue your spiritual journey together with fellow believers throughout your life to experience the life-giving and life-changing power of Christ.

  • Guest to Member 1 (G2M.1) – Pastor Ben and Pastor Erik explore the history of New Life, why it is important for us to be part of a local church, and what makes Lutherans distinct in the Christian community. 
  • Guest to Member 2 (G2M.2) – Each local church operates a little differently than others, in this class, Pastor Ben teaches how New Life operates as an organization and the mission and vision of New Life, and how members take part in that mission and vision. Pastor Erik then shows some of the benefits of membership, including bible study resources and New Life’s online directory and calendar.
  • Member to Disciple 1 (M2D.1) – In M2D.1, Pastor Erik walks through the worship service and shows how each part of the service helps us meet God, and what God does to us through our worship. This class includes a discussion on Baptism, Communion, and confession/forgiveness.
  • Member to Disciple 2 (M2D.2) – Pastor Erik discusses how to read Scripture well, how to get started reading Scripture, and how to incorporate prayer and Scripture into your daily life. 
  • Disciple to Ambassador 1 (D2A.1) – One of the greatest things we can do in our lives is to serve our neighbors. In this class, Pastor Erik provides resources to learn how God has wired each of us, and how we can best serve those around us with our talents. 
  • Disciples to Ambassador 2 (D2A.2) – Pastor Erik provides ways to serve in the community and at New Life. Pastor Erik then invites Gary Sandrock (Leadership Team President) to give his experience with sharing his faith, and how to better share Jesus with friends, family, and neighbors.

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