What is Breeze?

  • Breeze is our online Church Management Software. Think of it as an online church directory or church Facebook. It is the #1 way to connect with each other as members of New Life!
  • As New Life members, you may use Breeze to update your personal profile, connect with other members, look at the full church calendar, and customize it for yourself, give online, and look at your private giving profile. 

How do I get Signed Up?

  • To get signed up, simply contact the church office.  They will update a few items in your profile and then send a membership invite to your email. Once you have your invite, you can create a username and password unique to you to to allow you to sign in through our website, so that you can access Breeze through your computer or phone to start updating your profile and connecting with other members.

How do I use Breeze?

  • To learn how to use Breeze, check out the video to the right.
  • To learn more about Breeze, use the useful HELP section when you are signed in under MORE.

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