Watch the sermon from Sunday 12/5 and use these questions for your Life Group.

  • Do you have any experience of meeting a celebrity? What were they like?
  • Have you been disappointed by the behavior of a celebrity you like? What kind of behavior disappointed you?
  • When Jesus gained notoriety and fame, how did he handle it?
  • How did he treat the blind men?
  • Why do you think the Pharisees reacted the way they did?
  • What does Jesus’ response to those who were hurting and his response to the Pharisees tell us about Jesus?
  • How are we like the blind men or others Jesus healed?
  • How is Jesus good news for us?
  • How do we act as a conduit of this good news?
  • What is God teaching you about himself and his Kingdom in this passage?
  • Who will you share this insight with this week?

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