Life Groups provide space in our lives to gather with Christians and be discipled by Jesus together. Discipleship to Jesus, simply, is walking with other believers into the promises and blessings God has promised in the Scriptures through Jesus. Use this guide to facilitate your group’s meeting time and life together.

The week before a meeting

    • Send out a correspondence (text, email, or a phone call) to all Life Group members, reminding everyone of the time, date and place. 
    • Watch the video for the next meeting, time permitting. 
    • Look over the Study Guide, familiarizing yourself with the questions and flow of discussion. 
      • If you need, adjust any of the questions to make them more appropriate for your group. 
      • Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to do every single item in the Study Guide. Use what is most useful for your group! 
      • Make notes in your study guide to make sure you don’t forget the adjustments at your meeting. 
    • Pray for your next meeting and your Life Group members

Three days before a meeting

    • Remind those who are bringing food/snacks/drinks (if applicable) that they are responsible for that this meeting
    • Pray for your next meeting and your Life Group members

At the Meeting

    1. Welcome everyone warmly to the group
    2. Invite them to eat or drink (if you are eating before or during your study time)
    3. Begin your meeting on time
    4. Open with prayer (either you or someone else in the group)
    5. Share “highs and lows” for that week (pray and have more discussion if needed)
    6. Do your study and conversation
    7. As the meeting comes to a close, pray together (you can also share prayer requests at this time, although usually the “highs and lows” accomplishes this goal
    8. Thank everyone for coming, and do not hurry them out, small talk is good, let people mingle and meander out slowly.

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